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an animated GIF booth that everyone loves!

The Boomerang Booth is Vancouver’s only Photo Booth of its kind providing animated, moving GIFs similar to the boomerang function on Instagram.

The Boomerang Booth offers dynamic and lively entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Whether during cocktails or your reception, the interactive booth is guaranteed to offer countless hours of fun for you and your guests.

Why is the Boomerang Booth so cool? (and unique)? Here are just a few of its features and benefits:

Our Boomerang Booth creates super fun, fast-paced animated GIFs sent instantly via text message to anyone (it can take still photos too!)

It’s battery powered. That means the booth can go outside so it’s not limited to areas with power. (It’s got a 4-hour battery life, so we do suggest having it plugged in for at least part of the event)

Our booth is portable! It can be used in different locations throughout your event (ie. the dance floor, cocktail bar, or entrance into the reception)

Guests can save them to their phones to share via all social media outlets

Your unique hashtag or logo can be added to the GIF

After the event, you’ll receive an online gallery that can be viewed for up to 1 year after the event

You’ll receive digital files from The Boomerang Booth to keep forever

Make sure to check out the Boomerang Booth on Instagram (@musicaloccasions) in our highlighted stories to see just how much fun everyone has with our interactive booth!